Reverse Engineering & Benchmarking

We can support the reverse engineering services to help our client to have a start point for their design and then support them in optimizing the design.



Prototyping & Product development

We support the client by collaborating with our high quality partners in the field of rapid prototyping, prototyping and product development.  This activity involves in the making some real parts as per design to give a better feel of the product as per client’s request.  We can assure all the required tests done as per agreement with the client to ensure the performance is within specifications.

Product Design

Product design involves mechanical design, structural analysis, FEM analysis, start from benchmark design and optimize, design from scratch.




Design to Mass production support

We support the clients transform the prototype making to mass manufacturing. We collaborate with high quality tool makers who can support our client in making the right tooling for their products, our inhouse team help in framing production strategy with all required initial document preparation, teaching the client’s team about the process, supporting in finalizing the test equipment for line testing and including support in packaging design for their product.

New Product development

Researching the suppliers, analysis of technical specification of the products, work with client in finalizing the supplier, support in getting initial samples and making sure the required quality checks done before dispatch.


Startups services

We provide technology development, mentorship and also seed funding for startups in the our product / service portfolio

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